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Müller Ingenieurbüro & Anlagenbau GmbH from Eldingen

Müller Eldingen

We are a renowned company specialising in the development and manufacture of high-quality filtration systems.

With decades of experience and a dedicated team of engineers and technical experts, the company has built a first-class reputation in the industry.

Our extensive product portfolio includes a variety of filter types, including

  • The classic frame filter
  • Sheet filter
  • ZHF
  • Cartridge filters with stainless steel cartridges as precoat filters
  • Cartridge filters with PP cartridges as trap filters
  • ZHF INNO - ceramic filter
  • Corner tube filters

Each system is manufactured to the highest quality standards and offers outstanding performance, durability and ease of maintenance.

We are constantly working on innovative solutions. With our ZHF INNO, for example, we can present a filtration system that works with ceramic discs and does not require the use of filter aids.




Project manager

Dennis Meyer

Project presentation

The Lahnsteiner brewery brews approx. 25,000 hl of top and bottom fermented beers. In addition to the classic beer styles, you can also be inspired by the world of craft beers. In the separate craft beer brewery, historical beers are rediscovered, but also beer styles are newly developed. You can also brew your own beer here and have it bottled with your own logo.

In November 2022, the starting signal was given for the installation of the filter cellar in the Lahnsteiner brewery. The centrepiece is a classic frame filter, which is designed for approx. 60 hl/h. A Dosimat 500 is used for dosing the filter aids. In addition, the carbonisation nozzle, pumps, panels and a blending trestle were brought in, aligned and installed on site. Existing equipment was integrated or upgraded. Another part of the contract was the re-piping of the unfiltrate lines and the fixed piping of the tanks with filling and emptying lines as well as CIP and CO2 lines.


Pharma and Biotechnology


ZHF INNO - Ceramic filters


Filter systems


Dosing systems


Venturi nozzles


Special and customised components




Spare parts


Upsizing/ Downsizing



Who are our customers ?

Breweries - Spirits producers - Beverage producers - OEMs Original Equipment manufacturers -
Textile industry - Pharmaceutical industry – Biotechnology - Chemical industry

Where do we deliver to?

We deliver to all German-speaking countries & internationally

What makes us stand out?

Direct contact - Short processing paths - High product standard –
German products from our own production

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