Venturi nozzle

Two-substance nozzles

Venturi nozzles or Venturi injectors are used as two-substance nozzles for the targeted introduction of gas such as air, oxygen, nitrogen or CO2 into a liquid in order to dissolve the gas in the liquid.

One nozzle - numerous applications:

  • Aeration of wort
  • Yeast aeration
  • Mineral water/well water/water aeration
  • Carbonation of beverages or media
  • Nitrogenation
  • Aerobic waste water treatment/ waste water aeration
  • Wort stripping
  • Water deaeration using inert gas
  • Vinegar production

The Venturi nozzle can be supplied as a single assembly or as a panel. After a quick assembly and easy commissioning, the system is characterised by a highly effective, low-maintenance process control.

In a brewery in the Harz region, it replaced the existing sintered candle that served as wort aeration. With the new Venturi nozzle, the wort aeration was thus modernised and optimised to dose a controlled amount of oxygen into the wort. It quickly became apparent that the fermentation behaviour of the worts developed positively. The fine-pored foam of the pitching worts even appeared milky in the sight glass and showed the good and targeted oxygen distribution. The new wort aeration system using a Venturi nozzle made it possible to achieve rapid fermentation of the wort.


  • from DN 10 to DN 200 (and larger)
  • Integrated in the pipe or mounted as a panel
  • Disinfection tank integrated in the panel
  • CIP bend
  • Pressure gauge holders for safe storage of pressure gauges during CIP
  • Clamp connections are used for hygienic and dead-space-free connections
  • Quick and easy removal of the Venturi nozzle by loosening three wing screws
  • No complex flange connections
  • Air connection by means of hygienic quick coupling





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