Overhauls, maintenance and service


If you would like to have your diatomaceous earth frame filter, layer filter or combination filter from Schenk, Seitz or another manufacturer overhauled and repaired, you have come to the right address. Our company offers comprehensive services for your existing filter system. After an individual consultation, we will travel to you and renew your filter system with new seals and sliding shoes within a short period of time. Every filter plate and every filter frame is carefully inspected by our experienced team, weld seams are checked and repaired and warped frames are brought back into the right shape.

Filter extension & filter expansion

The bottleneck of the filter cellar - the capacity for filtration is stretched to the limit and so is the existing construction. At this point we also provide our service directly at the installation.

  • Tie bar extension incl. protective tubes
  • Extension modules (diatomaceous earth frame/trub chambers, filter plates/standard chambers)
  • Adaptation of piping, measuring and valve technology
  • Support feet incl. Plates

Filter Reduction & Filter Shortening

It is possible to reduce the performance of the current filter system by shortening it.

  • Bar shortening incl. protective tubes
  • Adaptation of piping, measuring and valve technology


Hydraulic service

The hydraulic service for filter systems is an essential aspect to ensure the longevity and optimal performance of the systems.

  • Overhaul of the hydraulics (oil change, seal replacement)
  • Replacement of hydraulic units
  • Pneumatic hydraulic power units (ATEX)
  • Replacement of control units in the hydraulics


Maintenance and service

As with any technical equipment, regular maintenance and service is of great importance to ensure optimal functionality and efficiency of the filter system.

  • Regular inspection and cleaning
  • Inspection of the mechanical and electrical components
  • Valve maintenance
  • Regular inspections
  • Re-tensioning of filter plates

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